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 Application-DisBish Explanation

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PostSubject: Application-DisBish Explanation   Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:49 pm

I realize tht i was kicked from faction b/c i Applied for Catalyst, i have been told tht i was some wht hostile to the faction while i was there but when u consider this u have to realize tht my life is somewht frustrating with the military being stuck state side while wantin to be deployed. I know tht i was wrong in applying for catalyst, but if I really thought tht Kylin was just a last resort faction i wouldnt have been so involved in everything like i was. Vent, TW, GC, GBQ, BHs, Forums, and Helpin faction with anything a seeker is good for. Also tht i stayed in faction after applying, if i truely did not want to be in Kylin i wouldve left the faction to make myself more available to be accepted esp since i have a history with lots of cata members since ive played basicly since the Harshlands server went up. I have been questioned about if the leadership were changed and/or the they changed their mind if i would go to Cata, my answer is No. I tired of applying for a faction tht im obviously not a perfect fit for, and if u ask me honestly with no BS for as long as i was against Kylin in other previous factions on other characters, Kylin really is the place i should be and i wont stop until i prove to everyone tht while i would much like it to be rather sooner than later cuz honestly im an impatient person lol, but thts just my military nature kickin thru as well. I hope this is enough to convince the faction and its officers of my commitment cuz this rather hard to do cuz i dont beg for sht, i take wht i want. If there are anymore questions feel free to ask, ill be on forums checkin it multiple times a day like always.
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PostSubject: Re: Application-DisBish Explanation   Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:50 pm

I'm locking this and taking it up in the officer section for discussion.
I'll post a response here as soon as I have one.


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Application-DisBish Explanation
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