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 Kylin Overview

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PostSubject: Kylin Overview   Thu Jan 28, 2010 12:17 am


Kylin was founded on the Harshlands Server in March 2009. Its leader, XuLin, created Kylin with the intention of making it a battle oriented (TW) faction. From its start, Kylin grew rapidly, building a strong group of active players and conquering lands. The first territory secured by Kylin was 'The Great Lake'.

Kylin is a level 3 faction. While we are serious about territory wars and other high-end aspects of the game, we strive to maintain a fun atmosphere and close-knit gaming family.

All members of our faction are important to us, and together, they help make Kylin what it is today.


- All new recruits must be level 90+

- Since we are a TW oriented faction, all members are expected to participate regularly in this weekly activity (Fri-Sun).

- Members of Kylin should be active, playing daily or every few days, and only placing their main account in our faction.

- Members are expected to participate in faction activities & events, uphold faction rules, utilize Ventrilo and the Kylin forums on a regular basis.

- Members must keep faction information confidential, and treat each other with respect. If a problem arises between Kylin members, we expect the situation to be handled in an adult manner, involving officer assistance if necessary. We do not tolerate drama or troublemakers.

- We strive to help our members grow in level, strength, knowledge of the game and as PvP'ers.

- We are a RPK faction.

If you have any questions about guild rules & regulations, or need further assistance, please contact a Kylin officer.
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Kylin Overview
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