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 Application ● Nelyssa

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PostSubject: Application ● Nelyssa   Wed May 15, 2013 12:49 am

In game name: Nelyssa
Class: Mystic
Current Level: 90 (I really feel alone around all those level 101 applying D:)
Other characters on Harshlands (names, levels, and guilds): Ailyssa, level 55 (I don’t really use it, though)
When do you play and how long: I usually play from 3:30PM to 0:00AM-1:00AM from Monday to Friday, and almost all day long on Saturday and Sunday.
Languages you speak: I speak french and english.
Age: (almost)17 ._. (I am not a drama fan, do not worry about that !)
Tell us about yourself: Meh, that section is gonna be long (or not !). Basically, I’m just a crazy person... Like a lot of people ! :3

Build and gears
There is no fancy ups or fancy gear here for the reason that is explain in the gear plan section ! :3
I do own all the mats for the boots, and nearly for the wrists (only looking for Forshura’s Arm, but it may need to wait till next week). I actually just need a crafter ! I do know that my gear is far from what you expect from your new members, but I don’t want to spend money on thing I will end up not using plus I prefer to focus on one thing, get this thing done, and then move to something else !

Are you demon or sage? Sage.
Do you you have any special demon/sage skills you think we should know about? Meh, not really. I am currently working on getting ●Break in the Clouds.

What plans do you have gearwise for the next two months?
I am gonna finish my R9. I plan on paying for the reputation and maybe for the tokens, but I would prefer to at least farm half of the Medals of Glory I’ll need. I plan on farming my TT90 hat and cloak for the nirvana ones (but to wear some TT80 green hat and something else for the cloak until I get my NV because I do not have any craft skill). I am planning to get a Cube necklace after finishing my reputation.
There is a calculator of what I plan to have withing the next two months : pwcalc.com/fd31d1d7aef5297e . I may have put things that are not actually required, but as I said, I’m not up-to-date on prices and everything. The reason of the low upgrades are that I don’t really get the crafting with chi’enkun (cause I did try to recast one thing, once.. I had the chi’enkun and everything and I ended up without my 4 sockets, for some reasons...). As soon as I’ll get more informations, I may change this objective.)
That’s basically it, I don’t want to say thing I would end up not being able to get in two months, even if it may happen.

Territory Wars
On what days are you generally able to attend TWs;
Friday: Yep !
Saturday: Yep !
Sunday: Yep, as long as the TW don’t last THAT long
Do you have Ventrilo: I don’t (but it takes like three seconds to download ans set up)... But I know that I’ll probably need someone’s help to figure how it works cause I once had to use it and got lost... I got used to TS3 :/
Do you have a mic: Yep !
What is your Territory War experience: If I count well, I did TW for almost three years. I understand that according to my current gear, I may have to scout, and I don’t mind.

Current and previous factions: Bl/\ck
Name of previous factions and the reason you left/were kicked: The main reason of why I left refers to the main reason why I firstly came on this server. I’ve played for years on an European server, and I was always alone at night. By coming on PWI, I wanted to avoid spending my evenings alone. It almost felt like I was no guild. More to that, I firstly didn’t plan on getting into any factions. The easiest reason in the world: I feel so bad when I leave a faction. And I knew that I wanted to try to get into this guild since the first time I saw it... And that goes back to two or three years ago... Yeah.
Have you applied to any other factions past 4 weeks? If by “apply”, you meant to join a faction, then yes, I did. If you means to apply via a forum like this, then no, I did not !
If yes, why should we still consider you: I seriously have no clue of if I have to reply to this question or not, so I’ll let it “blank”, just ask me if you want to !

Do you agree to faction rules:
Absolutely !

Additional information (voluntary)
Is there anything you feel is relevant for us to know? Actually, there is a few things I think I should say, forgive me if they weren’t necessary. First, since I came back like a week ago from a year and a half break, I am not up-to-date. Of course, I did read forums/client updates, but that’s not everything. So yeah, there is things in the game that I don’t know... And prices ! Second, as I previously said, I know my gear is far from the one you expect from your members. I have been playing for a long time. Yes, gear is a thing, but I am a mystic. I can easily stand back and heal or rebuff or anything like that. I ended up knowing how to play with a bad gear cause I actually never had a good one on any characters.

I am really sorry if this is too much for an application, but that is just my way of doing things, so I hope you won’t mind ! :3

(Sorry if I created an account when I shouldn’t have, but I receive this message when I tried to post : “Guests can't post external links or emails.”.
I didn't put the entire links because it didn't wanted to send..)
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PostSubject: Re: Application ● Nelyssa   Wed May 15, 2013 10:41 pm

Hi sorry if no one replied to you yet you should try to contact myself or the other officers when your online and we can chat about things. pm hoby myself or any of the officers. I will try to send a pm when i manage to log on tonight .

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Application ● Nelyssa
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