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 Application - x_volcano_y [Denied]

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PostSubject: Application - x_volcano_y [Denied]   Thu Aug 09, 2012 6:56 am

In game name:x_volcano_y
Current Level:97
Other characters on Harshlands (names, levels, and guilds):
When do you play and how long:Every day, 3-4hrs
Languages you speak:English,Arabic,French
Tell us about yourself:My name is Michael, A student in senior year in high school.

Build and gears
h tt p:/ /pwc alc .com/8daf f0ee 9986c9f 1
Are you demon or sage? sage
Do you you have any special demon/sage skills you think we should know about? 4Skills
If you are a veno, do you have a nix and/or herc? Herc only
What plans do you have gearwise for the next two months? R8
Territory Wars
On what days are you generally able to attend TWs:
Do you have Ventrilo:not yet
Do you have a mic:yes
What is your Territory War experience:4wars
Current and previous factions:Oblivion,Abandon
Name of previous factions and the reason you left/were kicked:Oblivion,Left,Faction was very inactive for so long most of players left by my time too.
Have you applied to any other factions past 4 weeks? no
If yes, why should we still consider you:
I know Anti_Matter was my director in Obilivion
I was told by Nysroc that Abandon is merging with Kylin and that i need to apply there.
Do you agree to faction rules:i do
Additional information (voluntary)
I am saving for r8 thats why i sold my tt90 set, The first thing i do is dailies inluding Base quests.
I can solo TT 1-x 2-x.
I can solo fc till exp room.
Most people i have ever involved with have great respect of myself.
I recruit daily if possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Application - x_volcano_y [Denied]   Thu Aug 09, 2012 5:41 pm

We're not merging, but we are accepting applications as usual.

Unfortenatly your gear isn't up to our standard yet, these are the stats we're looking for in a veno:

You'd have to basically get all your stuff to +4, shard it and put a bunch of magic in to vit.

Application denied.


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Application - x_volcano_y [Denied]
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